Instant Issue Debit Cards

When you open an account with us, we will instantly print you a ready to use Debit Card to take with you!  Our debit card provides you with a simple way to access your account for everyday purchases or to get cash from ATM’s.  Our cards also include the chip card technology feature for better security when using chip-enabled terminals!  

Debit Card Options

Debit Card Q & A

Can all account holders on the account have their own card?

Yes, any authorized signer on your account, can get a Bank of St. Elizabeth debit card.

Does my card need to be activated before I can use it?

Your card is ready to use when you receive it and will be officially activated on your first PIN or ATM transaction.  If you choose to have your card mailed to you, you will need to activate with your first purchase or at an ATM. 

Can I change the PIN number of my debit card?

Yes, in the App under Card Management, you can change your PIN number anytime. 

What are the daily limits on my card?

The default spending limit on your card is $1,500.  If you need the limit increased for a big purchase you can either contact the bank or adjust the spending limit in your app!  The daily ATM limit is $300. This can also be adjusted by contacting the bank.    

What should I do if my debit card is lost or stolen?

In the Bank of St. Elizabeth App, you can turn your card off under the Card Management option so that it cannot be used.  You should also contact the bank to request a new card and/or call our card services fraud hotline at 844-202-5333 to report it.  If you find your card back before you report it lost or stolen to us, you can simply turn your card back on in the App. 



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