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Now you can quickly access your account information just by opening your Bank of St. Elizabeth App.  If this is a feature you are interested in, you can follow the below steps to turn this feature on.  If this is not an option you find helpful, you do not have to do anything.  This feature ONLY works if you turn it on.


Follow these easy steps to turn this feature on:

  1. Open and Log into the app 
  2. Hit the menu button
  3. At the top of your screen, click the Welcome area
  4. Click Security
  5. Click Login Options
  6. Click Auto-Login – check mark should turn green and you are ready to go!

Once you have turned it on, do not log out of the app. 

You can close the app, but logging out will turn the auto-login feature off.

For your account protection, you can only view balances with this feature, if you try to do anything such as Move Money, the app will force you to sign in before moving any further.  This is a convenient new feature that that we find very helpful.  We also realize this is not a feature that everyone will be comfortable with, so again, this feature ONLY works IF you turn it on by following the above steps.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to call us!

Bank of St. Elizabeth

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Marys Home Bank Facility of Bank of St. Elizabeth

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Bank of Freeburg Facility of Bank of St. Elizabeth

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Bank of St. Elizabeth at the Lake

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