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Our Mobile App Can Do What?

In today’s fast-paced world, having quick and easy access to your bank and your money is becoming more than a convenience; it is becoming a necessity for so many customers.  That is why the Bank of St. Elizabeth’s mobile app offers our customer’s access to do almost everything you could do if you walked into one of our branches today.  While we love seeing our customers in person, we also want to make your lives easier by giving you 24-7 access to your money.  So, if you haven’t downloaded our app yet or use it infrequently, this might be the time to consider utilizing its capabilities.

Besides giving customers the ability to view balances, perform transfers, review transactions, and pay bills, there are some additional features you may not be aware that the Bank of St. Elizabeth’s mobile app can offer you.  This list below is just a few of our favorite features.  Though, as you look around for yourself, you will see there is an abundant amount of tools to help manage your money at the touch of your fingertips

Card Management

If you lose your card or use it only periodically, you have the option to quickly turn the card off to provide additional security to your account.  You can easily turn your card back on as well, when needed.  This can dramatically help prevent the likelihood of others having the ability to spend your hard earned money.  By using this feature of the app, it allows you to stay in control!  This beneficial feature can be found under Menu, then select Manage Cards.  This also happens to be a definite staff favorite!

Alert Management

Under Menu, you can select Manage Alerts to set up customizable and security account alerts. To create these alerts you can refer to the detailed instructions found below. With this feature, you will always be aware of what is happening with your bank accounts. You can set up alerts to notify you about low balance amounts, when deposits are made, when checks have cleared, view pending ACH transactions, inform you about login errors, or many other features you may desire. You can choose to have these alerts sent to you via email or text. ***For using text alerts you must first set your mobile phone up in Online Banking. Blog post coming soon with instructions or you can always call your local branch for assistance!

Alert Instructions

By tapping the + sign in the orange bar across the top of your screen you will have the option to choose to create a Custom or Security alert.

Custom Alert

Under Custom alert, you must choose an account where you want to place an alert. Then you must click Alert Type, this will then generate a list of options to create any specific alerts tailored to your needs. *** You should see the list of options similar to the image on the right. After setting up an alert, you have the opportunity to name your alert to anything you prefer.

Security Alert

After selecting Security Alert, you will click on Alert Type to display a list of options for you to choose from. Fill out the required information and you will once again have the opportunity to name your alert to anything you desire. *** You should see the list of options similar to the image on the left.

For further assistance with Manage Alerts, please call!

Bank of St. Elizabeth
(573) 493-2313
Bank of Mary’s Home
(573) 498-3920
Bank of Freeburg
(573) 744-5231
Bank of St. Elizabeth at the Lake
(573) 693-1352


Under My Profile

You will find additional features that allow you to enhance or modify the level of security on your account(s).  Go to Security to find these great features.

  • Change Username – allows you to change your username
  • Change Password – allows you to change your password
  • Change Security Questions – allows you to change your security questions to your online banking account.
  • Login Options – If your IPhone has the fingertip recognition capability, you have the opportunity to turn on the TouchID fingerprint option. This will quickly and easily log you into your account by simply using your fingertip. In addition to logging in quicker, this feature offers you an extra layer of security to your bank account information, since only your fingerprint will allow access to your account.
You can also enable additional features that allow you to easily manage the way you view your accounts. Go to Preferences to find these great features.

  • Reorder Accounts – allows you to change the order you view your accounts on the home screen
  • Rename Accounts – gives you the option to rename each of your accounts to view more easily which account is your fun money, which is for bills, and which is for that vacation you are saving for!
  • Hide Accounts – if there is an account or two that you don’t want to view each time you open your accounts in the app, you can hide them here.

If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, what are you waiting for?!!