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May All Your Christmas’ Be Under Budget

Holiday shopping may be your favorite time of year but for some it can be the most dreaded time of year. The dreaded questions – what to get and then how not to over spend??? It can be stressful and expensive. Here are just a few tips to help you stay on budget.

1. Make a list – write down every person you need to buy a gift for and then write the max amount you would like to spend for each of those people. Then stick to that amount, so you don’t overspend.
2. Start Early – this is a tough one, many of us like to wait until the last minute but if you start early, you can watch for sales or have more time to think about the gifts rather than having to spend more on a last minute item.
3. Sign up for coupons and check social media sites – along with starting early, if you know the retailers you might be shopping with, you can sign up for their coupons to be emailed to you then use those for your purchases. Also, some retailers advertise sales through email and social media sites so keep an out for those. Every little bit helps.
4. Compare Online – once you know what you are purchasing, you can compare retailers online for those bigger items to make sure you are buying at the lowest price.
5. Check Online for discount Codes – once you find the retailers or items you want to purchase, use a search engine to look for coupons for that retailer. You might be surprised what discount you will find!
6. Sign up for a Kasasa Rewards checking account – Never any fees to open an account and also get refunded for any ATM fees (up to $25 p/m). With the money you earn back, you can treat yourself to something nice for all the hard work you have done for everyone else this holiday season! 