Bill Pay continues to increase in popularity.  It allows you to pay bills quickly, set-up reoccurring payments so you never receive a late payment charge again and saves you on dealing with messy papers and stamps!           

Bill Pay Instructions

User Set Up

The bank must first ENROLL you before you can begin using Bill Pay.  Simply call the bank to request access or contact us through the Website, or your Mobile app.  Once you have been enrolled, follow the steps below to set up your bill pay selections.

Customer Self Enroll Instructions

  • Individual Customer – follow the steps the system takes you through
  • Business – you will have to set-up and use Bill Pay as an individual but under your business account. The system will walk you through the steps as well, and you can use the tips below if you are not sure of what to put in the field.
    • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name – fill with the Business Name, so the checks display the correct name
    • Date of Birth: Individual Owners DOB
    • SSN: Put in Tax ID of the business
    • Address: Fill in the business’s information
    • Phone #: You can add your personal cell or your business number


To Get Started With Bill Pay:

Once logged into Internet Banking, click on MOVE MONEY on the left of your screen. Then NEW TRANSACTION.  Here you can also see any SCHEDULED transfers and below that is your recent Transfer History.  On the right side of the screen, you can Add a Payee by clicking the + sign.  To start the Bill Pay process, click NEW TRANSACTION.

You will then choose the account you want the money to come from.  This will be the account you set-up your Payees under.  If you decide to use a different account later down the road, you will have to add the Payee to that new account as you did previously under the other account.  You will then choose the RECIPIENT of the money.  If you want to pay multiple bills at once, you can click the people icon in the top right hand corner and click the boxes on the left of the payee’s you want to pay. 


*Note – When setting up a payee under Bill Pay, the Payee Account #, represents the account #
the customer holds with the Payee


For a single Payee, you will enter the amount you want to pay and continue as you would if you were making a money transfer.

For multiple Payees – You then check the boxes of each person you would like to pay, click CONTINUE and each Payee will pop up individually.  Enter the amount for the first one, set the date you want your payment to process if different then current date and click CONTINUE (you can also enter a MEMO note).  The next Payee will pop-up and continue the process until you have completed all checked Payee’s.

Once you have completed entering in all your amounts, one final approval box will pop-up for you to review. If everything looks good, click SUBMIT.  If you need to make a change, hit the back arrow in the top left-hand corner and make your change.

Once you hit SUBMIT, this summary box will pop-up and provide you the confirmation numbers and the option to Print or Save if you would like.


           *Note – to quickly pay one Payee at a time (once payee is set-up) – click on the desired Payee from the
            MOVE MONEY screen, click SEND PAYMENT, enter your AMOUNT, click CONTINUE and then click SUBMIT.



If you have any questions, call your local branch.

St Elizabeth  573-493-2313

Osage Beach   573-693-1352

Marys Home   573-498-3920

Freeburg   573-744-5231