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Exciting News! Updated Online Banking Coming 3-15-2018

On March 15th, 2018, Bank of St. Elizabeth is going to be updating our current Online Banking platform.  The goal is to have a consistent experience across all device platforms so our internet banking platform will now have the same look and feel as our mobile app does today.   Bank of St. Elizabeth’s new online banking system will mean easier navigation, more features, improved design, and a unified experience across your desktop and mobile devices.

What Changes?

The Internet Banking site will now use the same modern infrastructure as the mobile app.  Nothing in the app will be changing.  You will access the online banking system, just as you do today, by clicking the Online Banking…Login Here Icon in the top right-hand corner of the Home page of this website.

None of your information, such as your login and password, your alerts, scheduled payments, payees, etc. will change.  The only change will be the screens you see.  The screens will now look like the screens used on the Mobile App.  Below is an example of the new login screen for online banking.

Digital Banking Overview

Digital Banking Moving Money