And you’ll see why customers are our first priority.
We make switching a snap!

  1. Set up your new account: Fill out our New Account Information Form and we’ll have everything we need to open your account.
  2. Close your old account(s): Our custom letter is already prepared for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and sign. It notifies your old
    bank(s) about the accounts you are closing and gives directions for disbursement of any remaining funds.
  3. Set up your Direct Deposits: Simply send our Direct Deposit Request Form to your employer or other payment source, so your funds can be quickly and automatically deposited to your accounts each pay period. And, if you already have your Direct Deposit going elsewhere, you can simply switch it to your new Bank of St. Elizabeth account.
  4. Switch over Automatic Payments: Fill out and sign the Automatic Payment Cancellation Letter and send it to each of your vendors to switch any automatic payments to come out of your new Bank of St. Elizabeth account.